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Sindhudurg district is spread over an area of around 5,207 sq.kms. The population of the District is 8,68,825 as per census of 2001. The modern township of Sindhudurg Nagari is the headquarters of Sindhudurg district . The district is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the east, the Belgaum District (Karnataka state) and Goa on the South and the Ratnagiri district on the North. Sindhudurg being a coastal district, the climate is generally moist and humid and the temperature variations during the day and throughout the seasons are not large. Sindhudurg is accessible by road on the NH-17 which passes through major towns of Kankavli, Kudal and Sawantwadi or by the picturesque journey on the Konkan Railway which stops at Kankavli,Sindhudurg, Kudal and Sawantwadi. The nearest airports are at Ratnagiri, Belgaum (Karnataka) and Dabolim (Goa). Upcoming Airport Chipi (Sindhudurg)

Sindhudurg Fort

Historical Sindhudurg Fort

           Sindhudurg, Shivaji built this ocean fort in 1664 AD on a low rocky 48-acre island off the Malvan coast. Vijaydurg and Sindhudurg are twin forts from the days of Shivaji’s time that is a historic place with its serene coastal beauty. It is believed that Shivaji personally selected the site for the construction of the fort.

        For casting and the foundation stones, over 2,000 khandis (4,000 mounds) of iron and lead were used to it lay down firmly. There is a temple dedicated to Shivaji inside the fort. This is the only shrine of its kind in the country, which was built by his son Rajaram.

Palace of Sawantwadi 

          The Royal Palace of Sawantwadi  is one of the major tourist attractions of the Sindhudurg District. Built by Khem Sawant Bhonsle, the ruler of this region during 1755-1803. It is located in Middle of Sawantwadi city.



 Sindhudurg beach eyes international recognition So far, no beach in India has qualified for the Blue Flag certification which is an international recognition for the cleanest and most developed coastal areas in the world.

Hill Station

Amboli is picturesque hill station with dense forests and rich bio diversity, scenic valleys and awesome waterfalls. This natural eco hotspot has diversified bio sphere has rare species of plants and wildlife. Amboli is also called as Cherrapunji of Maharashtra and becoming hot monsoon tourist destination for its stunning waterfalls from 


Amboli Waterfall is tall impressive waterfall like Dudhsagar Waterfall. Mangeli Waterfall at Dodamarg,  Savdav waterfall at Kankavli and Napne Waterfall at Vaibhavwadi.

Aamboli Hill Station

Amboli Hill Station

               Amboli Hill Station, MaharastraAmboli is located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. This hill station is at an altitude of 690m above the sea level. Having dense forests and steep mountains, Amboli is the last hill resort before the coastal plains begin in the southern ranges of the Sahyadri Hills. The hilltop Amboli gives a fine bird’s-eye view of the Konkan coast. Colonel Westrop, who was a British political agent, developed Amboli as a hill station after the opening of the Ghat Road from the coastal town of Vengurla, now in southern Maharashtra, to Belgaum.


              The sea here is calm except for the cacophony of tourists who are attracted to this island in hordes. You can take up adventure and sports activities here such jet-ski, speed boat, kayak rider, water scooter, and bumper boat.

According to locals the sand here has magnetic properties and is a cure for joint problems Food stalls with local snacks and food like chutney Pola is worth trying.

सिंधुदुर्ग जिल्हा पर्यटन महासंघ, संस्थापक सभासद

baba mondkar

श्री. विष्णू उर्फ बाबा मोंडकर

Satish Patankar

श्री.सतीश पाटणकर 

Adv. Nakul Parsekar

ऍड. नकुल पार्सेकर 

श्री. गुरुनाथ राणे 

बाळू देसाई

श्री. प्रसन्न उर्फ बाळू देसाई 

DK Sawant

श्री. डि.के.सावंत 

Santosh Kakade

श्री. संतोष काकडे 

Kishor Dabholkar

श्री. किशोर दाभोलकर 

रोहित सत्यवान आमने

श्री. रोहित आमने 


डॉ. कमलेश चव्हाण 

DInanath Bandekar

श्री. दिनानाथ बांदेकर 

Sudhir Nakashe

श्री. सुधीर नकाशे 

श्री. पुरुषोत्तम परब

Ramachandran Wadkar

श्री. रामचंद्र वाडकर 


श्री. बाबली वायंगणकर 

संस्थापक सभासद .(फाऊंडर मेंबर)

श्री. गोविंद केळुसकर. 

Govind Keluskar

श्री. संतोष काकडे 

Vinod Redkar

श्री. विनोद रेडकर

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