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AMBOLI – The Dreamland of falls

Amboli Waterfall

It is the ‘Queen of the Hills‘. Amboli, nestled comfortably in the midst of luxuriant foliage on the Sahyadri Mountains and perched at a height of 690m (2263ft) above sea level is relatively tranquil and uncluttered by commercialization and unfolds a charisma that appeals to the heart and the soul. This hill station in Sindhudurg district is said to be the wettest in India, receives the highest rainfall during the month of July and august. It has 30.6 wet days as compared to 30 days in Cherapunji. Amboli receives 2775 mm rainfall in July as compared to 2622 mm of Cherapunji. In terms of overall rainfall in year it receives 5th highest rainfall in India.
Amboli is a tourist’s delight and an artist’s pride. Home to innumerable species of animals, birds and medicinal plants, it has contributed generously to our country’s bio-diversity.

Identified by Govt: of India in terms of biodiversity after Himalaya.
There is a proposal to declare as world heritage spot.
Highest rain fall in India in the period in the month of July and August
In terms of overall rain fall comes 4th in India highest in July and August
Highest nos. of wet days in the month of July and August
The facilities could be provided such as

Hang Gliders (International Hang Gliders visit this place because of the availability of suitable air currents) Adventure Tourism, International yoga center existing, Jungle safari
Best water falls, Former summer capital of Sawantwadi state (now known as Sindhudurg district), Potential elite tourism destination

Land could be made available more than 200 acre for making Golf lawn and construction of a Convention center with 100 rooms in Amboli. Which is estimated to 100Cr


The Mountain Pass (Ghat) at Amboli is famous for its wonderful water falls. One of them, the most attractive, is often crowded with a number of tourists, especially during rainy-season. You can directly enjoy here a pleasant shower-bath, standing under the sprinkling trickles of the fall. The Parking provision is also available here. The whole sight is full of torrential rains, water streams freely pouring down the high cliffs, pleasant greenery and blue layers of subtle mist all over. Visitors are to much delighted that they just can’t help singing and dancing to their hearts content. This spot is over crowed during the period from June to October. (Distance from Sawantwadi : 30km)


It’s a newly-sought point just 8km from village Amboli. It is the most enchanting of all other view points in the surroundings. It’s in fact a plain top of a steep high cliff below which is deep valley. All the brooklets flowing upon the plateau-land mingle together to form a forceful stream at the cliff and turn into a fall that leaps down, but the force of the facing wind is so powerful that it doesn’t let water reach bottom. It’s thrown upwards forming a misty sprinkler, it’s direction being changed according to the speed and turn of the wind. What a fascinating view it is..!


The main features of this fall are the considerable force of wind, rushing rolls of mist and very deep valley, apparently lost in misty layears, But, at frequent intervals, the mist is blown off and the valley is clearly visible All this view is indeed a nectar to eye. The approach road leading here has zig-zag curves with thick woods both the sides. There are rare wild birds and animals such as peacocks, peahens, wild cocks, wild cats and hares etc. (Distance from Amboli:3km)


The originating point of the river Hiranyakeshi, at the foot of a rocky mount is worth-visiting. It is famous as the abode of self-emergent and ever awakened God Shri Shankar. There is an old dark cave at the foot of a hill, from where the originating stream flows out continuously. There is a quadrangular tank too. The premises of this viewpoint are decorated and made suitable to move about.


The sight of this fall is at the distance of 11km.from Amboli (along Amboli-Belgaon Rd.)As the shape of this fall is like a plugh-furrow, it is called as Nangartas. Here a small rivulet leaps down into a narrow valley and flows further. The showers of water spring up from the very spot where the stream pouts down. You can approach the spot by crossing a small bridge-A worth viewing point indeed.


This view is just 1km from Amboli proper. There are peculiar types of wild plants. You are delighted to take a bird’s eye-view of the deep valley facing ahead and see the beautiful dream-land of Konkan.


The whole surrounding of Amboli is full of thickest woods. The forest Dept. of Sindhudurg has made a special road for tourists interested in taking a stroll through the thick woods, observing medicinal herbs and variety of animals, birds and butterflies etc. Isn’t it a rare opportunity ?

THE TEMPLE OF PURVICHA VAS (i.e. Anicient Temple of God)

This view-point is almost attached to the road on the highland of the Amboli Mountain Pass (Ghat) It is convenient as a picknick spot. There is a typical temple, named “Purvicha Vas” (i.e. Ancient Abode of God) where you can enjoy a week end trip with family members.

There is a temple of goddess Mauli at a village Sonurli in Sawantwadi Taluka. It is believed to be ever awakened existence of divinity showering her blessings upon the devotees. The temple, built 500 years ago, has four sections: Main Internal Sanctum, External Sanctum, Internal court hall, external Hall. The Annual festival is celebrated in month of Kartik (paralld English month- November) when a grand fair is held here, that is attended by devotees in Goa State as well as from Mumbai, Kolhapur, Belgaum etc. This temple is popular as ” Pandharpur of South Konkan.”