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Bhagawant Gad

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This fort was built by Pant Pratinidhi to check the activities of Sawants of Sawantwadi. The Bavdekar had built this fort immediately after the Sawant’s had built fort Bharatgad in the village Masure on the southern bank of Kalaval creek. This fort was under the control of Chhatrapati of Kolhapur. However, in few years this fort was brought under the control of sawants of Sawantwadi. In 1748 Tulaji Angre, the son of Kanhoji Angre tried to capture the fort but, was unsuccessful due to strong resistance from the fort commandant for 18 months. On 29 March 1818, the 4th rifles of East India company under the leadership of captain Gray and Pierson captured this fort. After the garrison noticed that the British troops had crossed the creek, they abandoned the fort.